by Peter Mitchell

It has been a long, difficult 2020 for most of us.

How about our pups? They have had a rather good year. With working from home becoming the norm, our doggos have had us 24/7. They get regular walks to the park, plenty of home cooked food to snack on and tummy rubs aplenty.

Let the puppy pampering continue. We need to celebrate and shower our four-legged friends with Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year presents.

We have carefully selected 12 perfect, or should we say pawfect, presents for your pooches.

**Please note: Not all Porch Potty products are available in certain regions. If you see something that you'd like made available in your area, please email us at CustomerCareCA@porchpotty.com and let us know!

Here we go:


  • Treat your doggos like the superstar A-Listers they are. Porch Potty Premium is the five-star pee palace/poop parlor for your furry pal. They will not be able to contain their excitement. You will be excited too. The sprinkler system keeps your Porch Potty fresh and odor free. It is suitable for dogs up to 54kgs (119 lbs), is made with all-weather resin wicker over a steel frame and is 26 x 50 x 7.1 inches (66cm x 127cm x 18cm). The included synthetic grass is 24 x 48 inches (61cm x 122cm). That’s plenty of space for your pooch to do a customary circle. The Premium also comes with a scented “fire hydrant”. It ships in 24 hours.


  • The popular Porch Potty Standard is ideal for high-rise balconies or areas that do not have a nearby water source. It allows instant drainage to either the catch basin (sold separately) stored under the Porch Potty or a drain hose (included). It is also 26 x 50 x 7.1 inches, synthetic grass is included, but does not have a water hose connection or sprinkler system like the Premium. It accommodates dogs from 5 lbs to 120 lbs (2.27kg to 54kgs) and also comes with a scented hydrant.


  • The Small Porch Potty is, yep, you guessed it, perfect for small-sized doggos and small patio areas. Outer dimensions are 26 x 26 x 6 inches (66cm x 66cm x 15cm), and the synthetic grass area is 4 square feet. And, of course, your pup gets a scented fire hydrant to aim at. It doesn’t have a sprinkler system but allows for drainage to a catch basin. The Small Porch Potty can accommodate all dogs up to 60 lbs (27kg).


  • Yep, we understand. Your pup is a princess or prince. Is there anything better than pooping on real grass? Well, I don’t know. I’m sure your dog enjoys it. Porch Potties come with synthetic grass. You also have the option to use Porch Potty’s training sod. It is a special lightweight sod grown without soil to make it half the weight of traditional sod and none of the mess. It provides the perfect mat of grass to drain quickly and stay fresh for months. Our Training Sod is grown in the sunny weather of Southern California and delivered fresh to your doorstep guaranteed. One-time or subscription purchases available.


  • On rainy, snowy and sweltering hot days your pampered Princess or Prince pup still needs to go outside and use the Porch Potty. They need protection from the elements. Our Porch Potty canopy is the perfect solution for the Premium or Standard Porch Potty. 


  • The Porch Potty Dog Bed is style and relaxation all rolled into one. Made of a beautiful resin, it provides the elegant expression of wicker yet the cleanliness of a smooth material.  The striking red cushion provides softness and support for your four-legged family member.


  • Only the best for your pampered pooch. The Dog Bed/Lounger Canopy is a stylish shade for your pup. It blocks the sun and other elements and allows your doggie to snooze in comfort.


  • Keep your Porch Potty grass fresh for your dog with a Porch Potty Cover.If you use the Porch Potty outdoors, this cover will keep it safe from the elements. If you use it indoors, it can cover the Porch Potty while you are entertaining guests. It is made from the same wicker weather resistant material as the Porch Potty.


  • TURFtastic is like a magic wand. It eliminates urine odor from synthetic grass or live grass without deterring your dog from using the same spot. Years of research and development made this odor eliminator the best you can buy. It breaks down the proteins in urine and feces that cause odor but does not contain fragrances or other overpowering scents that would cause your dog to stop using the Porch Potty.


  • Your kids might not be happy if Santa left them a Porch Potty Indoor Catch Basin as their only present for Christmas. Your doggo will be ecstatic. To convert your Porch Potty for indoor use, we offer an Indoor Catch Basin to make the transition. Although the Porch Potty was designed for outdoor use, we've made it easy to bring it indoors in certain circumstances (cold winter months, no balcony after moving, etc.)
  • Need some more synthetic grass for your Porch Potty? Has Benji or Coco deluged your original Porch Potty grass so much you feel like you need a fresh one? Buy a new piece. 
  • Dogs and male humans may not be the most accurate while going to the bathroom. We need some help. Your doggo has a brilliant option. It is a scented mini fire hydrant. Put it on your Porch Potty and your doggo will have something to aim at. Fire away!

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