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Not sure where to start? Want the best deal for your money? Shop our specially curated bundles and get 5% OFF! Whether you’re a Porch Potty newbie, need potty training help, or want to enhance your dog’s lifestyle, we’ve got the perfect bundle for you and your pup!

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Holiday Bundle + Mystery Gift!

Looking for the perfect gift for yourself or a fellow dog parent? Look no further. The Holiday Bundle includes the Porch Potty Standard and indoor catch basin so your furry friend can do their business inside and avoid the rain, snow, or cold. Also comes with a mystery gift from Santa Paws!

Bundle £211.61

Retail value £222.74

Buy Now & Save £11.13
Holiday Bundle + Mystery Gift!

Dogster Bundle

Get everything you need to keep feet and paws warm this winter with our Dogster Bundle. In addition to the Porch Potty Standard, you get a bottle of our magic TURFtastic odor eliminator and a Porch Potty cover to protect your grass (real or synthetic) from the harsh winter weather.

Bundle £287.84

Retail value £302.98

Buy Now & Save £15.14
Dogster Bundle

Porch Potty Starter Kit

New to Porch Potty? Set yourself up for success with the Porch Potty Starter Kit! Our all-in-one bundle comes complete with our best-selling Porch Potty Standard, replacement synthetic grass, TURFtastic odor eliminator, and a catch basin that turns the Porch Potty into the ultimate indoor dog potty system.

Bundle £277.13

Retail value £291.72

Buy Now & Save £14.59
Porch Potty Starter Kit

Porch Potty Big Dog Bundle

Have a big furry friend that needs a little extra? We’ve got you covered! Our Big Dog Bundle features the Porch Potty Premium (perfect for dogs up to 120lbs), extra synthetic grass, the sprinkler timer to automate the cleaning process, and 2 TURFtastic bottles for twice the odor elimination power.

Bundle £333.08

Retail value £350.61

Buy Now & Save £17.53
Porch Potty Training Kit

Porch Potty Small Dog Bundle

Attention small dog owners! Are you knackered from endless trips outside because of your furry friend’s tiny bladder? Then this bundle is for you! It features our smallest Porch Potty model, TURFtastic, catch basin, and ramp to ensure your dog gets on and off the Porch Potty safely.

Bundle £255.29

Retail value £268.73

Buy Now & Save £13.44
Porch Potty Small Dog Bundle