Sleep in late this weekend

Your dog can let himself out to potty

Have a Lie-in this weekend

Your dog can go potty all by themselves

A Grass Patch for Dogs of All Ages & Sizes

Knackered from barely conscious 2:00am trips down the stairs because Alfie drank too much water right before bed? We spent 14 years engineering a unique system to make pee and poo clean up easy and hassle free, designed to sit right outside your patio or deck door! Perfect for flat living, ageing or injured four-legged pooches, or if you simply want to designate an indoor area for your dog to potty. There’s a Porch Potty that is right for you!

Porch Potty Premium

Enjoy top of the line luxury and convenience with the Premium’s built-in sprinklers and drainage system, making cleanup as simple as turning on a water source for one minute.

Porch Potty Standard

Built with the same self-draining system as the Premium, the Standard rinses manually with a watering can for areas without a nearby water source.

Porch Potty Small

Our most compact model when space is limited or when added portability is necessary.

The Porch Potty is perfect for ...


No lawn or garden? Give your dog their proper patch of grass on your deck or balcony.


For dogs who hate rain or snow, let them go potty in your utility room or conservatory.


When age, injury, or surgery make it difficult to go for walkies.


For dogs who need an emergency to-go spot.


No more smelly puppy pads. Teach your dog to piddle on grass.

What the Porch Potty can do for you and your favourite pooch

Give your dog the comfort of familiar scents and textures. Let them answer nature's call whenever they need to!

Watch The Video

Learn how the Porch Potty can work for you and your pup!

Automated Rinse System

Synthetic Grass

Two Drain Options

Scented Hydrant

Keep fresh and organic real grass delivered monthly

Give yourself one less thing to worry about with our monthly sod subscription.

Fresh Training Sod

Large - $59.00 | Small - $49.00

Enjoy all the benefits of having a lawn right on your porch or balcony! The scent of real grass naturally attracts dogs, cutting down on time spent potty training.

What our customers are saying

Assembled my porch potty yesterday and my 6 month puppy has already peed on it 5 times! Wow. Thanks so much for a product that is foolproof, lightweight, easy setup, ingenious, and aesthetically pleasing. Everyone should own one. The fire hydrant is really cute (even though it smells like pee, haha).

- Jamie Lee

We live in a flat and LOVE the Porch Potty! I taught little Francis how to use it and he was hooked within a day! The Porch Potty is worth its weight in GOLD, and I’m going to send you a video tomorrow to prove it! Porch Potties are the glue that held this troubled (doggie’s) world together!

- Sarah Johnson & Dog: Francis, Fresno, CA

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We’re all dog lovers here at Porch Potty, so we understand your desire to provide a happy and safe home for your canine family members. Scientifically engineered and tested, all of our products are eco-friendly and non-toxic.