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Automated Rinsing System

Synthetic Grass

Two Drainage Options

Scented Fire Hydrant

Porch Potty Premium

The Porch Potty Premium waters and rinses itself clean using the built-in pop up sprinklers. The gravity fed drain hose empties it automatically. Perfect for a patio or deck with a garden hose nearby. Use real Training Sod or the included Synthetic Grass.

Premium Accessories to Add.

Porch Potty Premium
The first odor eliminator
designed for dog potties.
Porch Potty Premium
Water Timer
Set the timer to make the Porch Potty
rinse itself while you sleep.
Porch Potty Standard

The Porch Potty Standard has 8 square feet of synthetic grass. It has no sprinkler system, so simply rinse daily by pouring water over the top to keep odors away. It drains automatically to a 14 foot drain hose. Perfect for the typical patio without a hose nearby.

Small Porch Potty

The Small Porch Potty Standard has 4 square feet of grass. The stylish wicker base is easy to clean and durable. The small size is perfect for indoors or when space is limited. Manually rinse daily with a watering can to keep odors away. It drains automatically to a 14 foot drain hose or optional catch basin.