The World’s 12 Most Popular Dog Breeds

The World’s 12 Most Popular Dog Breeds

We know your dog is the most wonderful dog on the planet and we also know your doggo’s breed is by far the most superior.
We also know we are all incredibly biased when it comes to our pooches (Ha ha
Let’s be objective. There’s no use debating what dog or breed is the best because every doggo is special. We love our furry friends no matter what. They deserve wonderful gifts like our range of Porch Potties and scented fire hydrants.
We can confirm the most popular breeds of dogs in particular nations. There are
plenty of great surveys and statistics to show the top dogs in countries across the planet.
Let’s take a look at the US, UK and Australia. The Australian stats are broken down into female and male.
1.) Labrador Retriever: The faithful Lab continues to reign supreme in the US. It
has topped the American Kennel Club list the past 29 years.
2.) German Shepherd
3.) Golden Retriever
4.) French Bulldog
5.) Bulldogs
6.) Poodles
7.) Beagles
8.) Rottweilers
9.) German Shorthaired Pointer
10.) Pembroke Welsh Corgis. They were the big mover on the AKC list.
They broke into the top 10 for the first time.
11.) Dachshunds
12.) Yorkshire Terriers
Source: American Kennel Club

1.) Mixed breed
2.) Labrador Retriever
3.) Cocker Spaniel
4.) Jack Russell Terrier
5.) Staffordshire Bull Terrier
6.) Cockapoo
7.) French Bulldog
8.) Border Collie
9.) Shih Tzu
10.) Chihuahua
11.) Dachshund
12.) German Shepherd

1.) Cavoodle
2.) French Bulldog
3.) Golden Retriever
4.) Labrador
5.) Groodle
6.) Staffordshire Bull Terrier
7.) German Shepherd
8.) Labradoodle
9.) Border Collie
10.) Miniature Dachshund
11.) American Staffordshire Terrier
12.) Maltese Cross
1.) Cavoodle
2.) Golden Retriever
3.) Border Collie
4.) French Bulldog
5.) Miniature Dachshund
6.) Labrador
7.) German Shepherd
8.) Maltese Cross
9.) Groodle
10.) Staffordshire Bull Terrier
11.) Labradoodle
12.) Spoodle
Source: Pet Insurance Australia

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