Meet the Official Porch Potty Test Team

At Porch Potty, we're dedicated to making sure that our products do what we have designed them to do: improve the lives of dogs and their families. In order to achieve this, every product undergoes strict testing by some of the fiercest critics in the industry: our own dogs (and a couple wily cats for added measure).

They serve not only as our ever-enthusiastic testers, they are also our inspiration behind many of the products. They remind us every day of our goals and priorities.

They are such a huge part of our core company values, we thought you might like to meet them!

Jax and Boo

Early on, Jax decided the show life was not for him, and of course there was some talk that one of his best features, those floppy expressive ears, weren't up to "breed standards" but Sam, our Logistics Director, knows he's perfect! Jax has decided that vacuums and hair dryers are his arch nemeses and that water is for jumping and splashing in. Clearly, he has to do everything around here, including serving as Mom and Dad's alarm clock with dramatic and loud fake yawns.

Even though Boo has complete roaming abilities of the whole house, she has claimed the rafters in the garage as her domain. The runt of her littermates, she's a very petite lady under all that fur. While most everyone would say how sweet and gentle she is, it's best not to ask the chickens who think otherwise.

Nixi and Leo

Nixi was the original Porch Potty tester. It was her late night potty breaks while living in a high-rise condo that inspired our then sleep deprived CEO and founder, Brandon, to invent Porch Potty. It is unclear if Nixi understood that she was not a human, because she loved the swings!

Leo is a huge fan of all our products. So much so that he was fully prepared to give us a demonstration of how well one of our products worked while in a Zoom meeting! We appreciated the enthusiasm, Leo, but we're ok with taking Brandon's word for it!

Ranger and Panda

Reading through our reviews, you'll very quickly realize that our customer service superhero, Ashley, has a lot to do with our success. What inspires her to go above and beyond everyday? Ranger and Panda.

Don't let Ranger's sleepy "potato-ness" fool you, his "reminders" that he expects to be fed soon comes a full hour early like clockwork. Nothing may enter his home, including his humans, unless they have passed his sniff-test. His adorable underbite adds to his personality and charm, which Ashley affectionately dubs very "orc-like".

Panda is quick witted and observant, she's off and running the second Ashley begins prepping for her bath time. A caring paw placed on Ashley's arm reminds her that she has not pet Panda recently, and her chattering teeth let's everyone know when it's time to let her outside.

Buddy, Bebe, Monkey and Scoops

This rowdy band of Chiweenies belong to our talented Web Developer, Josh, and boy do they keep him and his wife on their toes!

Buddy is too smart for his own good, opening doors and removing wrappers without ripping them. Bebe fancies herself a discerning movie critic. What's her favorite? Beverly Hills Chihuahua, naturally. Monkey gained his moniker from the oddly primate-like noises he makes along with his penchant for climbing to places he ought not and Scoops is everything you'd imagine a dog named Scoops would be.


In true cat fashion, Medi (short for Medusa) chose to adopt our Social Media Lead, Christina. Medi took it upon herself to "rescue" Christina from what could have only been a sad life without her by popping up one fateful morning in her garden. Medi is the newest addition to the Porch Potty Test Team (yes, we realize she's a cat, but don't tell Medi that).


Duckie holds a very special place in my own heart, namely, because she's mine. I had taken a break from having dogs while I healed from the loss of my Chaos, a gentle Great Pyrenees that took his job of protecting his kids very seriously (my kids really, but not from his perspective). I was content being the doting Auntie and Big Sister to my fur nieces, nephews, siblings, or so I thought. Then one day this face peered up at me in a text message. One look at her and my heart decided she was mine. Adopted at four years old, she's taking rather well to her now pampered life as my ever present side kick.


Even though Rocky has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, his presence is far from gone in the life of our Marketing Director, Maria. He reminds her every day how precious life is and that we must fill every minute with moments lived to the fullest. Looking into his soulful eyes, Rocky continues to urge us to choose kindness and compassion and to remember that our fur families lives are entirely too short.

Our dogs (and cats) are so much more to us than "pets". They are our teachers, entertainers, companions, therapists, fitness trainers and so much more. They are our family.

It's a huge responsibility that we take on when we open our homes to an animal. It's a fur-ever commitment and promise to be the very best paw-rents we can to our beloved companions.

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