Porch Potty From A Veterinary Perspective


by Jenny Sawyer

Being a pet owner can be so fulfilling but it also comes with a lot of responsibility. As pet parents, it is important to ensure we meet (and ideally exceed!) all of our pet’s needs. Having a Porch Potty is a sure way to do this!

Benefit to Pet Parents

I recently got a Porch Potty for my own pooch, and can’t believe I went without one for so long! If you live in a place that lacks green space (like me!), having a Porch Potty is key. It is large enough for your dog to enjoy using it, but just the right size to fit on a balcony. This means- no more 2am trips downstairs! While this isn’t a total replacement for walking your dog but it sure helps with the bathroom breaks in between walks!

Another added bonus- if you live somewhere that experiences winter- the Porch Potty is a life saver! Trekking outside on cold winter days can be quite the task, especially if you have a small dog that you have to shovel a spot for (ahem, me!). No shoveling necessary with the Porch Potty!

As for the quality- the Porch Potty is top notch. The whole thing is very aesthetically pleasing, I actually feel like it dressed up my balcony! The draining system and turf makes cleanup a breeze, as you can simply pick up after your pet then rinse the turf with a watering can, or the utilize the premium model’s built in sprinklers! Training your pet to use a Porch Potty is very simple, since the turf is very realistic (so soft!) so they are sure to use it just as they would if it were real grass. If you think your pet may still be unsure at first, training sod can be purchased to help guide your pet to use it.

Minnie, Jenny's pampered pooch, enjoying some quiet time on her Porch Potty

Benefit to Pets

The Porch Potty is super convenient for pet parents but, more importantly, it is such an asset to your fur baby! Any pet could benefit from having one, but I find that it is particularly useful for: puppies, seniors, those with reduced mobility and/or chronic medical conditions. Here’s why:


Upon getting a puppy, it is important to get them vaccinated before venturing into the great outdoors! Puppies are susceptible to picking up various viruses/diseases without being vaccinated so long walks, or interactions with other dogs should be limited, if not avoided! This is where a Porch Potty can come in handy! You can still give them the experience of grass and train them appropriately, while keeping them safe!

Moreover, training a puppy to go outside can be very trying. Most pups need to use the bathroom every 1-2hrs, which means you will be taking them out frequently to avoid accidents! If you live in an apartment, or city- this may not be manageable for you. Having a Porch Potty can help with this as you can place one on your balcony (or inside if you choose!), so that your pooch always has access to relieve themselves- to avoid those unwanted accidents!

Senior Dogs & Chronic Disease

As pets age, their body condition changes and their mobility is often hindered. This can make going outside difficult for them as they may encounter obstacles. Especially at night, because as dogs get older their eyesight deteriorates which can not only contribute to their difficulties, but can make the outdoors startling for them.

Moreover, as dogs age they may develop medical conditions (such as Cushing’s disease or kidney disease), that require them to make more frequent visits to the outdoors to relieve themselves. Again, this may not be manageable for you, or your senior pet as they may have physical ailments, or perhaps you don’t have easily accessible green space. Porch Potty can provide a safe, accessible and obstacle-free place for your senior dog to go to the bathroom, while giving you peace of mind!

Mobility Reduced Dogs

If you have a dog that has chronic mobility issues (such as arthritis!), or is recovering from surgery- the Porch Potty is for you! Some dogs are born with orthopedic problems that can hinder them from going on long walks, whereas others may acquire these challenges over their lifetime. This can make going for walks a daunting task for both you and your dog. Having a Porch Potty can allow your dog the ability to still get the experience of outside, without having to put physical stress on themselves. 

Overall, I highly recommend purchasing a Porch Potty. It can make your life as a pet parent more manageable, but more importantly, will benefit your pooch! It can truly benefit a dog of any age and is sure to enhance their life (and yours!).

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