Show Us Your Pup's Awesome Personality and Win Big!

by Melody Keilig

Do you have a pup that you must show off to anyone and everyone? Have more photos on your phone of your dog than your family? Of course, you do! 

The best part is, you don’t need to have a last-minute photoshoot. All you have to do is submit your favorite photo of your dog! So which photo out of the thousands in your phone (we’re not judging!) portrays your furbaby’s amazing personality. Whether they’re dramatic, goofy, or the star of the show, we want to see all the fantastic pups you’ve got! 

Because this is more than getting adorable pictures of your dogs (although we wouldn’t be disappointed!), there is definitely something in it for you as well! 

So let’s get to the really good part and talk prizes! 

1st Prize Winner

If we’re super impressed with your pup, you’ll take home First Prize. This lucky winner will receive the latest innovative product from BlueKube, the one-of-a-kind dog feeder, the Kibble Katcher! So enjoy mess-free floors, even if your pup is the messiest eater on the planet. 

First place also includes another one of our fantastic products, the Porch Potty Dog Bed! You’ve heard of our Porch Potty platform, but did you know that we offer the coziest dog bed? Made of the same all-weather wicker resin material as the Porch Potty, your dog will love their new personal cozy spot! 

To make this prize even sweeter, we’re even throwing in a Starbucks Gift Card (or regional equivalent)! So the next time you need a coffee run, take your pup for a Puppuccino. 

2nd Prize Winner

Second prize pups will receive a Kibble Katcher, BlueKube’s no-mess dog feeder that every paw-rent must check out for the cleanest floors ever! You’ll appreciate the extra time you’ve gained by not taking out the broom and mop to clean up yet another mess. 

This winner will also receive a Starbucks Gift Card (or regional equivalent), so get ready to order that Puppuccino on your next coffee run! 

3rd Prize Winner

Third prize pups will receive an awesome deal by taking home the Kibble Katcher no-mess dog feeder! Add this beautiful piece to your living space and be relieved when you don’t have to drag out the broom to sweep up fallen kibble. 

4th Prize Winner

Fourth prize pups are our Honorable Mentions, who will receive 1000 Pet Points! What are Pet Points? These are special points you can use towards your next Porch Potty purchase. After all, we all love a discount! 

Every Entry Automatically Gets 500 Pet Points

Yes, that’s right! You’ll receive 500 Pet Points to use towards the Porch Potty site just by entering. So it’s a win-win all around to enter this contest! Plus, don’t we all love every opportunity to share our favorite pictures of our furbabies with the world?! 

At Porch Potty, we’re all winners! So, what are you waiting for?! Share your best pup picture that showcases their true personality that shines through every day. Your dog is precious to you, so they are precious to us! 

Click here to enter our International Puppy Day Contest today. Everyone is a winner! 

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