Porch Potty chats with House With a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary

November is Adopt-A-Senior-Pet Month!

There are many misconceptions about adopting an older dog that prevent shelters and rescues from finding loving, furever homes for their "frosted faced" residents.

You're adopting someone else's "problem".
Puppies are easier.
You won't bond as well with an older dog.

Then people like Sher Polvinale come along and prove them wrong, giving us a glimpse at the love, gratitude and special connection you can experience with a pet in their golden years.

Sher is the Director at House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary. A non-profit organization that takes in senior and special needs dogs and cats so that they might enjoy their remaining days.

"I wanted to do something very selfish," Sher explains.

Tired of worrying over failed adoptions or watching as these dogs and cats continue to be passed over for their younger counterparts, Sher and her late husband decided that they would be the furever home for the left behind. They would provide the love these dogs and cats so desperately deserved. So in 2006, House with a Heart Senior Pet Sanctuary was born with the mission statement "Love lives here."

Porch Potty discovered House with a Heart last year while researching charities, rescues and organizations for our holiday series "The 12 Dogs of Christmas" and their story remains in our hearts today.

We decided we needed to know more of their story, to understand a bit more about what Sher's day is like and to witness firsthand the love she has for her unique band of residents.

I could not have been more excited when Sher agreed to talk to me. She was a delight to talk to and I came away inspired to do more than simply talk about what a great story House with a Heart had.

Watch our interview and join us as we get to know Sher and her special mission. If you would like to donate to House with a Heart, follow this link here.

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