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Porch Potty Protective Lid

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Keep your Porch Potty grass fresh for your dog with a Porch Potty Cover. This lid helps keep your Porch Potty safe from dust, debris, rain, and ice. It's the number one requested item from our customers and it's finally here!

Made of the same wicker weather resistant material as the Porch Potty, it matches perfectly the Porch Potty decor and provides a complete look (and complete cover) to your Porch Potty. The handy built in cover handle makes it easy to lift and to cover your Porch Potty one-handed. The dome shape of the cover also provides great protection from the elements and keeps your Porch Potty Cover snugly and securely on your Porch Potty.

If you use the Porch Potty outdoors, this cover will keep it safe from the elements. If you use it indoors, it can cover the Porch Potty if you're entertaining guests in the area or if friends or you have toddlers around. It keeps the Porch Potty and its contents secure under one roof.


Model: LPWL
Meas: 67cm x 13cm x 130cm
GW: 6.12kg
NW: 5.22kg
Designed in California
Unboxed: 66cm x 128cm x 10cm, 4.31kg


Dogster Bundle

Get everything you need to keep feet and paws warm this winter with our Dogster Bundle. In addition to the Porch Potty Standard, you get a bottle of our magic TURFtastic odor eliminator and a Porch Potty cover to protect your grass (real or synthetic) from the harsh winter weather.

Bundle £319.06

Retail value £335.85

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Dogster Bundle