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    Do dogs really use the Porch Potty? Why yes they do! Our community shares 12 practical tips from caring for your Porch Potty to potty training your pup, young and old.
  • Long work hours made potty breaks tough for this medical professional

    When Shelby Subry brought home Levi, she knew she was going to need a little extra help with potty training. Between the long hours at the hospital, her pup’s young bladder and trying to keep things as simple as possible for her new dog sitter, providing Levi with everything he needed was going to be a challenge on her own. Shelby agreed to share her tips and tricks that helped Levi in those critical first months.
  • Porch Potty From A Veterinary Perspective

    Jenny Sawyer knew Porch Potty was the perfect solution for her fur baby, Minnie. As a veterinary student, her bar was set pretty high in what she wanted in a dog potty. Find out what she has to say about Porch Potty and who she recommends it for.
  • 8 Benefits of Adopting an Older Dog

    There are few things sweeter than puppies. They’re adorable, silly, and come with boundless energy that is infectious.

    However, adult dogs have a charm of their own. If you are looking for a canine companion to share your life and home with, you might consider these eight reasons to skip the puppy stage and adopt an adult dog.

  • How to transition your dog to Porch Potty

    Having a little trouble convincing Brutus to use his new Porch Potty? We're here to help! Check out these tips to make the transition as smooth and trouble-free as possible.
  • The Porch Potty Puppy Preparedness Guide

    A new Puppy is a thrilling adventure! Our pre-Puppy Preparation Guide will help save yourself, your puppy and your shoes from unnecessary stress and vet emergencies.
  • Anchors Away with Porch Potty!

    Tired of leaving your best buddy at home while boating? Porch Potty can help, read how.